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The Mind Body Practice provide assessments for a range of difficulties for children, adolescents & adults. In addition to formally diagnosing developmental difficulties, our assessments also include information about an individual’s strengths, talents and interests so that support plans can be tailored to their particular goals and aspirations. The benefits allow the development of tailored interventions and supports that will help you or your child reach their full potential.

What are the common signs that warrant an assessment?

If you or your child have noticed one or more of these signs, this may indicate an assessment by a psychologist is warranted for further investigation.

• Difficulty following or understanding instructions
• Forgetfulness; disorganised or poor memory
• Decline in grades or work performance
• Struggles with learning, sometimes despite advanced skills
• High potential, but difficulty reaching it
• Frequent boredom, even when achieving
• Low confidence and stress when learning or working
• Difficulty making or maintaining friends

What diagnoses do you offer assessments for?

These disorders can only be diagnosed through a comprehensive clinical assessment by qualified health professionals.

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
• Intellectual giftedness
• Specific learning disorders
• Intellectual disability
• Autism Spectrum Disorder

How might a comprehensive assessment help?

A comprehensive assessment is often sought to investigate learning difficulties, emotional/behavioural concerns, for diagnosis and access to funding for supports.

Provide a diagnosis
• This may assist the individual in eligibility for appropriate funding or support from schools, universities, employment services and government initiatives (i.e., NDIS).

Explore what may be at the root of the individual’s emotional, behavioural, and educational difficulties.
• This assists in determining effective treatment options.

Identify the individual’s learning strengths and weaknesses in terms of:
• Cognitive abilities (i.e., working memory, processing speed); and
• Academic abilities (i.e., reading, writing, maths).

Explain results with feedback and a comprehensive written report, and provides individualised recommendations to best support the client’s needs, build on strengths and maximise potential.
• For a child: Can assist in the development of Individualised Educational Plans (IEPs) to best meet the child’s learning needs in the school environment.

Which assessment is right for you?

At The Mind Body Practice, we offer a wide range of gold standard psychometric and diagnostic assessments.

These include:
• Cognitive, educational, behavioural and developmental assessments
• Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder assessments

After the initial appointment with one of our experienced psychologists, recommendations about which assessments best meet you or your child’s needs will be provided.

How do I book in for a clinical assessment?

Simply call us on 8091 7867 to book yours or your child's assessment

Here at The Mind Body Practice, we proudly provide assessments for children, adolescents and adults.

To book an assessment for yourself or your child, or to simply discuss if an assessment is right for you, please contact our friendly reception on (02) 8091 7867 at The Mind Body Practice. We have offices conveniently located in the Parramatta CBD and in Bella Vista.

A GP referral is not required to book your initial appointment, however if you wish to access the Medicare rebates, you will require a referral from your doctor. Read our blog post here to learn more:

Arranging a 50-minute initial discussion with an experienced psychologist is quick and simple. Call today to find out how we can help optimise you or your child’s performance.

Assessment Types

Our resources below provide in-depth information about the types of assessments we offer

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