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Dental Anxiety Clinic

Designed to address your dental anxiety and dental needs in one sitting.

Why do we need a Dental Anxiety Clinic?


Dental anxiety is a psychological condition characterized by an intense fear or stress associated with visiting the dentist or undergoing dental procedures. This fear can be so profound that it prevents individuals from seeking necessary dental care, leading to potential deterioration in oral health and overall well-being. For example, research indicates Australians with high dental anxiety wait an average of 17 days with a toothache before seeking dental care.


As such, The Mind Body Practice and Mind Body Teeth have joined together to create a unique, multidiplinary treatment pathway to help improve access to dental healthcare for those who experience dental anxiety.

How does it work?

The Dental Anxiety Clinic is a joint offering between Mind Body Teeth and The Mind Body Practice, headed by Specialist Dentist, Dr Avanti Karve, and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Shilpa Madiwale.

Our Dental Anxiety Clinic is designed to address your dental anxiety and dental needs via a joint consultation pathway between. Our patients can look forward to the following benefits from our joint consultation: 

  • Understand the root cause of their own dental anxiety 

  • Comprehensive dental examination including x-rays to understand their dental needs

  • A comprehensive tailored plan which allows the psychologist and dentist to help your patients achieve their oral health goals 

What do we offer?

We practice trauma-informed ​care. This means that we offer you:

  • Safety – Your emotional and physical safety is most important to us. We have a very calm welcoming clinic ready for you.

  • Trust – Our highly trained staff will always endeavour to be sensitive to your needs

  • Choice – We are committed to providing you with complete transparency and opportunity for choice throughout your care

  • Collaboration – We recognise the provision of care is a partnership. We promise to always work with you in this process. 

How do I book?

You can contact the clinic via Mind Body Teeth by calling 1300 339 143.​

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