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Preparing for Telehealth

Online consultation with your Psychologist will be held through Coviu, a video conferencing platform. Please complete the checklist below to prepare for your session. If you would like more information about Coviu, you can check out the link here.

Prepare for your session by testing your technology for the following:

  • Test your device and internet by clicking here.

Prior to your session

Prior to your session, ensure that you have received an email from The Mind Body Practice which has the link for your session. The subject of the email will be “Online Appointment with [Psychologist Name]”. If you have not received this email, contact us on 8091 7867 or email

At the time of your session, click on the link.

You will be asked to take a self for identification as well as fill in your first and last name. This is so your clinician can identify you for security purposes. When prompted by the browser to "enable camera and microphone" please click YES to enable.

You can check out our video on how to access the session here.

If you have any difficulties contact us on 8091 7867 or email In the event of technical difficulties, your Psychologist will call you on the mobile phone listed on your consent form.


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