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Affordable Therapy with a Provisional Psychologist

At The Mind Body Practice, we have a number of different types of Psychologist. This includes Provisional Psychologists, Psychologists, Clinical Psychology Registrars and Clinical Psychologists. To learn more about the different types, you can read our article here.

In this article we want to focus on accessing affordable treatment with a Provisional Psychologist.

What is a Provisional Psychologist?

Becoming a Psychologist requires a minimum of four years of university education followed by at least two years of supervised practice or five years of university education followed by at least one year of supervised practice. These are the minimum standards set by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, also known as AHPRA. A Provisional Psychologist is the title that is given to a professional that has completed the four year study at university and is currently in the two year period of supervised practice.

Supervised practice means that the Provisional Psychologist's work is closely overseen by a senior, registered Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist. This means the Provisional Psychologist will receive ongoing mentorship, hands-on experience and training by an experienced Psychologist for each and every client seen. The Provisional Psychologist is accountable to their Supervisor for ensuring a high quality of assessment, diagnosis and treatment. All the work undertaken by the Provisional Psychologist must adhere to the strict guidelines outlined by AHPRA.

Once the Provisional Psychologist has completed the training requirements and has met the standards of the profession, they will then be able to refer to themselves as a Psychologist, without the 'provisional' part. Once they have been registered for a few years and have met the standards set by AHPRA, they too are able to become a supervisor and support a Provisional Psychologist in their training.

What is the difference between a Provisional Psychologist and Psychologist?

All of the Provisional Psychologists at The Mind Body Practice are qualified, skilled and knowledgeable. The title of a Provisional Psychologist acknowledges that they are at the beginning of their career and are currently receiving a higher level of supervision than Psychologists or Clinical Psychologists in order to meet standards of registration. Please note, all types of Psychologists are required to continue seeking supervision throughout their career. At the stage of Provisional Psychologist registration, these supervision requirements are higher.

Should I see a Provisional Psychologist?

The decision to see a Provisional Psychologist is a very personal one, based on your needs and the context. All Provisional Psychologists at The Mind Body Practice are selected for their competence and skills as for this stage of their career. We do no compromise on standard of care, regardless of the type of Psychologist you see.

In acknowledging that Provisional Psychologists are in the process of training, we are able to offer therapy at a significantly discounted rate. In addition to being able to access therapy at an affordable rate, there is the ongoing advantage of having a senior Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist overseeing the treatment to ensure the highest standard of care.

We would be happy to discuss your needs further to ensure the correct fit between your needs and clinician. Call us today on 80917867.


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