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Anger management

Anger is a natural, human emotion. However, when it gets out of control, it can turn destructive and lead to various problems at work, in personal relationships, and in the overall quality of life. Anger management is the process of learning to identify signs that you're becoming angry and taking steps to calm down and deal with the situation healthily and constructively.

• If you frequently find yourself feeling angry, and this emotion feels out of control.
• When your anger has led to physical confrontations or threatened violence.
• If you've noticed your anger is causing problems in your relationships, work, or school life.
• When you find it difficult to express yourself without resorting to anger.

Psychologists can help you develop a range of strategies for managing your anger. These can include relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring (changing the way you think), problem-solving, better communication, using humour, and changing your environment.

If you feel like your anger is out of control and is impacting your life and relationships, our team of professional psychologists is here to help. Reach out to us today, and let's work together to find healthier ways to manage your anger. It's never too late to start the journey towards a more peaceful and controlled life.

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